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EC Compact Axial Fan

EC Compact Axial Fans

Due to the large variety of applications an EC compact axial fan fits, we aim to stock as many variations as possible. Our EC compact axial fans have an IP (ingress protection) of up to IP56 and a working lifespan of up to 70,000 hours. Our EC compact Axial Fan can work with temperatures from -10°C to +70°C. Across the range, the EC versions have lower power than AC, but have higher airflows, while rotating at higher speed. EC technology is constantly being favoured over AC and DC, especially in the commercial refrigeration market where energy efficiency targets and restrictions keep getting tighter and tighter. EC (electronically commutated) technology offers the best of both worlds: the motor runs on a DC voltage, but with a normal AC supply.

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MotorVoltage V/HzPower (50/60Hz) (W)Speed RPMNoise (dB(A)Bearing TypeDimensions (mm)Request a Quote
E08B12HWBL00115Va.c5.0/5.02800/300035.0/37.0Ball Bearing80x80x38
E08B23HWBL00230Va.c5.0/5.03000/320037.0/39.0Ball Bearing80x80x38
E12B23HWBL00230Va.c6.0/6.03000/310045.0/46.8Ball Bearing120x120x38
E12B23HWBL0230Va.c5.8/6.72735/285045.0/46.8Ball Bearing120x120x38
E12B23LWBL00230Va.c2.5/2.52000/210034.0/35.7Ball Bearing120x120x38
E12B23MWBL00230Va.c4.0/4.02500/270040.0/41.8Ball Bearing120x120x38