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AC Compact Axial Fans

At Axair Refrigeration we hold UK stock of our 3 types of compact axial fans; EC, AC and ATEX.

Ball bearing compact axial fans are the preferred fan type but sleeve bearing variants are available on request. Due to the wide range of applications containing compact axial fans, our most popular lines are available in stock. DC versions available on request with longer lead times, please contact us for availability.

The durable and versatile AC compact axial fans are manufactured using a black die casing featuring reinforced PBT or PA self-extinguishing impellers. Suitable for the commercial refrigeration environment, many AC lines are IP55 protected with additional high-temperature resistant versions available on request. The compact axial fan’s lifespan is up to 40,000 hours depending on the environmental conditions. Users can specify a shaded pole or capacitor run induction motor, protected thermally or by impedance. Optional extras include special voltages, steel impellers and bi-directional flow, Contact us on 01782 618 444 for more information.

In addition to commercial refrigeration, AC compact axial fans can be used in many other applications such as electronic cooling, heat exchangers and general cooling amongst others. For more information on this, visit

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