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Cubigel Compressors from Axair Refrigeration

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Cubigel Compressors & Condensing Units

Cubigel Compressors

In partnership with Cubigel, we offer the most complete range of hermetic compressors for every commercial refrigeration application. There are more than 500 different models of Cubigel compressors which range from 2.2 to 38cc, in most refrigerant gases, main voltages and types of applications. Click on the images below for more information on features, refrigerants and applications.

Features: More compact, more efficient

Range: 2.20 to 3.10 cc

Refrigerants: R134a, R600a

Applications: Small refrigerators and freezers


Features: More displacement, more efficient, compactness

Range: 2.20 to 6.50 cc

Refrigerants: R134a, R600a, R290

Applications: Water coolers, bottle coolers, small refrigerator and freezers


Features: Most efficient, compact, extremely low noise, green cooling

Range: 4.50 to 8.90 cc

Refrigerants: R134a, R290, R600a, R1234yf

Applications: Ice cream freezers, bottle coolers, chest coolers, refrigerated display counters, display cabinets


Features: Highest efficiency range with propane & isobutene

Range: 4.56 to 10.7 cc

Refrigerants: R134a, R404A, R452A, R600a, R290, R507, R1234yf

Applications: Bottle coolers, chest freezers, vending machines, ice cream freezers, ice makers, drinks dispensers, heat pump systems


Features: High efficiency versions available

Range: 12.10 to 18.00 cc

Refrigerants: R134a, R404A, R452A, R600a, R290, R507, R1234yf

Applications: Bottle coolers and freezers, can coolers, chest
freezers, vending machines, ice cream freezers, Ice Makers, Drinks Dispensers


Features: High reliability & efficiency to work under heavy duty operation conditions

Range: 16.03 to 23.20 cc

Refrigerants: R134a, R404A, R452A, R290, R407C, R507, R1234yf

Applications: Large freezers (vertical and chest), blast freezers, ice makers, vending machines, display cabinets, display islands, Drinks Dispensers


Features: Top capacity range, optimised design to reduce vibration

Range: 18.10 to 38 cc

Refrigerants: R290, R134a, R404A, R452A, R407C, R507, R1234yf, R290

Applications: Large freezers (vertical and chest), drinks dispensers, blast freezers, air dryers, ice makers, air conditioning,
vending machines, heat pumps, display cabinets and islands


Cubigel Condensing Units from Axair Refrigeration

Contact us to specify the condensing unit for your refrigeration application.

Cubigel Condensing Units

Hermetic condensing units from Cubigel are suitable for most commercial refrigeration applications. They incorporate the high efficiency compressors (above) and the latest generation of energy-saving fans. The combination of these highly efficient components reduce the energy consumption of condensing units by more than 60% with respect to standard ranges. Most high efficiency models are equipped with electric motors, designed with the “optional run capacitor” concept. This means that the compressor can operate either with or without a run capacitor (CSR/CSIR), offering the level of efficiency with the same compressor.

At Axair Refrigeration, we are proud to supply Cubigel Condensing Units as they guarantee reliability and top quality components for all commercial refrigeration needs. They are available in standard and customised condensing units, depending on your application. Contact us for more information.

  • Complete range from 2.4 to 34 cc
  • Highly reliable, quality components
  • High efficiency versions available
  • R290 versions available
  • Specific customised range
  • Designed to work under 43°C tropical conditions
  • Suitable for all refrigerants and refrigeration applications
  • Special power supply cable
  • Special assembly supports (base plates)
  • Dryer filters included (ceramic, molecular)
  • Special pressure switches
  • Non-assembled components
  • Thermostat
  • Special copper tubes (T connections)
  • Sight glass
  • Schrader valves
  • Specific packaging
  • Capillary tube
  • Drain tray
  • Pressure switch
  • Cover kit

R134a, R404A, R290, R407C, R507, R1234yf

Suitable for all commercial refrigeration applications

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