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Wellington Fan Packs

Through an exclusive UK partnership with Wellington, Axair Refrigeration is able to provide ECF Fan Packs. The ECF fan packs are assembled using the Wellington ECR range of EC motors. For a low cost fixed speed version an ECR82/92 will be used, for high and low power versions the ECR1, and for ultimate performance and low noise the new ECR2 motor would fit best. The fan packs deliver increased efficiency over normal fans and baskets. They are also quieter due to fewer blades providing reduced edge noise and vibration absorbing hinges on the motor mount. Wellington partnered with Pax Scientific, fluid dynamics specialists, to create innovative and unique axial fan pack technology. Using biometric techniques to create an airflow which follows the natural vertical shapes found in nature. They have 3D patented sculpted blades that guide air softly thus reducing noise. The ECF fan packs are made from high specification impact strengthened polymers and are suitable for both evaporators, including low-temperature evaporators and condensers. All ECF assemblies have an ingress protection rating (IP) of 55. This means that a limited amount of dust will ingress but not enough to impact operation and is protected against jets of water of up to 3 minutes.

Two independently configured speeds with independent direction can be used, allowing for high speed during the day, low speed for night mode (reduce energy consumption) or reverse for defrosting (keeping coils clean and more efficient). Motor reverses the direction of rotation for a short time before turning off, to keep the condenser coils clean and more efficient, reducing energy and service costs. The ECF is pre-configured, user configurable (700rpm to 2300rpm in 50rpm increments) or fully variable and also has CE, cRUus and ATEX approvals.

There are a number of optional customisations such as:

  • Timed reverse option
  • Two-speed operation
  • Power lead connections
  • Delay start/stop

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MotorVoltage V / HzCurrent ASpeed RPMProtection IPApproval*Request a Quote
ECF8AB230 / 50-60Hz0.25700 - 230055CE, VDE, UL, cUL, ATEX
ECF8AA115 / 600.25700 - 230055UL, cUL, ATEX