Axair Partner with Sanden Environmental Solutions

Sanden CO2 Horizontal Compressor ModuleExciting Supplier Partner – Sanden Environmental Solutions

Axair Refrigeration is thrilled to announce the extension of their product range with their exclusive supplier partnership with industry leaders Sanden. The supplier partnership will give Axair Refrigeration exclusive UK access to their innovative CO2 compressor technology.

Sanden, previously known for car compressors, have become key players in the commercial refrigeration market with being especially known for their CO2 technology. Sanden has worked hard and puts CO2 environmentally friendly technology at the forefront of their research and innovation. Products such as the CO2 horizontal compressor module is one example. Although CO2 modules are already used in newer refrigeration units what makes it so innovative is the fact is horizontal. The horizontal plugin compressor module is the first that can be installed in a stand-alone integral cabinet and its low profile means there is space for an extra shelf in the commercial refrigeration unit. The compressor can cater to a unit up to 12 feet and can save over 25% of energy versus its HFC140a equivalent. The unit, which debuted at the Euroshop show which took place in March 2017, has cooling capacities from 0.6kW to 3kW.

Business Development Manager Robert Burn commented:

“Axair Refrigeration, part of the Axair Group, is passionate about new technology and innovations especially those that continue to improve energy efficiency and help to meet stringent targets imposed upon our customers. The CO2 compressor module is ideal for the commercial refrigeration market. We look forward to developing our relationship with Sanden and further developing Axair Refrigeration.

Sanden environmental solutions have worked hard and have been determined to fill the gap that the market is shouting for: CO2 environmentally friendly solutions to commercial refrigeration. They are continuously developing new and innovative environmentally friendly solutions cater for the ever tighter environmental rules and regulations the refrigeration market faces.

The Axair Group encourages new and existing customers to contact them regarding any industrial or commercial requirements. For more information about Axair Refrigeration Sandon CO2 technology contact 07885 992 866.

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