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Sanden CO2 Plug in Compressor Module 

Our exclusive UK partnership with Sanden allows us to provide our customers with the latest in CO2 compressor technology. Sanden, previously known for their car compressors, have quickly become a key player in the commercial refrigeration market with their CO2 technology. The Sanden group was the first manufacturer of CO2 compressors in the world with more than 1 million units produced so far. In addition to guaranteed high quality, this approach enables their engineering department to continuously improve components and develop their CO2 technology making it quieter, more compact and more efficient.


CO2 Plugin module

Sanden are particularly well known for their plugin compressor modules. Their horizontal module is specifically of interest as it is a market innovation. Their horizontal module is a first in the market and was created with commercial refrigeration in mind. Normal modules are vertical, the new horizontal module is not just more compact but means that there can be an extra shelf in the unit. The Horizontal module was debuted at Euroshop and was very popular with visitors and exhibitors, it became a focal point for the refrigeration show.

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