Supplier Focus – Wellington Technology

This week we explore one of our well-known suppliers, Wellington. To understand how Axair Refrigeration can supply high-quality commercial refrigeration solutions.

Wellington’s biggest worldwide customer is Coca-Cola, with their motors powering point-of-sale fridges and vending machines in 45 countries.  They also serve Walmart, Tesco and many other supermarkets and convenience stores.

Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, Wellington is dedicated to developing energy saving products that perform with more efficiency than many of the current components used in refrigeration and ventilation. Their 1,340 m² (14,423 sq ft) Technology Support Centre is home to a highly skilled and highly experienced team of engineers, specialising in electronically commutated motor (ECM)
software and technology.

A unique feature of Wellington motors is that they are manufactured from industrial plastics, rather than the expensive metals used in many traditional motors.This not only reduces the cost but also enhances performance and reliability. The manufacture of Wellington motors also uses far less material than conventional motors and wastage is kept to the absolute minimum.

As their official UK agent, we can now supply a range of products suitable for ventilation, refrigeration, heat recovery, and air conditioning. Utilising our relationship with Wellington, we can provide custom solutions and support special projects. As with all products from Axair, this is enforced by the product knowledge of our highly experienced team, backed by Wellington’s own engineers.

To find out more about the Wellington range and our expanding capabilities, Contact one of our Product Engineers today.

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