Wellington’s Innovative ECR2 Refrigeration Motor Hits the 1 Million Milestone

Wellington ECR2 Motor Refrigeration ECOur supplier partner, Wellington Drive Technologies, is pleased to announce that its world-leading ECR2 motor has surpassed expectations, reaching one million units manufactured and sold in less than two years.

The ECR2, a refrigeration fan motor, was launched to market at the end of 2016 as a quieter, more energy-efficient air flow solution. Since then, the ECR2 has been adopted by beverage cooler manufacturers, food and beverage brands, supermarket chains and medical refrigeration manufacturers globally looking for a smart, efficient and reliable motor to power their refrigeration fleet.

Wellington CEO, Greg Allen commented “This an amazing achievement, in just two years ECR2 has become our biggest selling product. Thanks to our talented Wellington team and our partner East West Manufacturing, all of whom, from design to distribution, made this product a success. This milestone reminds us how innovation and technology, focused on our customers, underpins our continued success.”

In its 2018 Half Year Results, Wellington reported that the company’s revenue growth was being driven by IoT and ECR2 motor product sales. This achievement demonstrates that the company’s new product strategy is working well and helping customers across many new markets.

Tony Nowell, Wellington’s Chairman commented, “Thank you to our customers and shareholders who have continued to support us and helped back ECR2. New products are the fuel to our continued growth and performance improvement. Historically Wellington was reliant on the bottle cooler EC motor market, but its strategic shift to also focus on new markets like supermarket display and food service is now being realised with products like the Wellington ECR2 motor.”

The Wellington ECR2 motor has been designed to offer a more sustainable refrigeration air flow solution and is capable of handling a wide range of commercial refrigeration applications. Its impressive range of advantages and features include:

  • 5dBA quieter than other motors on the market, without compromising efficiency
  • Multi-voltage capability, meaning customers can use one product in any country
  • IP67 protection from dust and water ingress, meaning it is tested waterproof to one metre, essential in wet refrigeration applications (see more on IP ratings)
  • Over-temperature capability which allows airflow to continue in the most extreme environmental conditions
  • High Power Factor (up to 0.95), essential for larger supermarkets to ensure the lowest possible power consumption and thus utility bills
  • ATEX compliant, suitable for use with flammable refrigerants such as hydrocarbon (see more on ATEX zones)
  • Can be supplied using materials compatible with US and European food contact regulations, giving increased flexibility in food service applications

The Wellington ECR2 motor and other motors designed for refrigeration are available to request a quote online. Fill in your details and a member of our team will be in touch to help you find the best solution for your project.

For more innovative commercial refrigeration solutions, see our product page or contact us.

Wellington ECR2 Motor Fan Pack

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