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EC Motors

Axair Refrigeration is the exclusive UK distributor of market specialist Wellington. Their EC motors have become a staple in the commercial refrigeration market. Currently, there are 3 motors available and a fan pack assembly. All motors and fan packs are compatible with SCS controllers. All ECR models are physically compatible with Q frame and unit bearing style motors and are suitable for use in evaporator or condenser applications. All ATEX versions are suitable for use with Hydrocarbon Refrigerants.

For OEM customers, Wellington can customise many aspects of our motors, including:

  • Programmed behaviours
  • Cables
  • Labelling and branding
  • Fans and compete airflow solutions
  • Brackets, baskets, and other accessories
  • Assembly services


The ECR2 is the newest motor in the range and is the only one in which ATEX comes as standard. It is only the only model in the range which can be supplied in materials compatible with European and US food contact regulations, providing added flexibility in food services applications. The ECR2 boasts unmatched features and flexibility, with the highest efficiency, lowest noise while still being cost effective. It can also provide maximum supply chain flexibility and advanced control strategies. The ECR2 advanced motor electronics mean they are 4.5dBA quieter than its competitors, designed to handle the most severe refrigeration applications featuring IP67 environmental protection, over-temperature “foldback” capability which maintains airflow even in extreme conditions, and EMC protection to double the IEC Industrial specification.


ECR 82/92

If the end user is looking for a simple, reliable and low cost EC motor the ECR82/92 is the motor to pick as long as the user is happy to compromise slightly in noise and efficiency. This model is suitable for use with most axial fans from 150-220mm for 60Hz and is available in an ATEX version. The ECR82/92 is mains synchronous meaning they only run at a fixed speed related to the AC mains frequency – 1500rpm for 50Hz supplies, or 1800rpm for 60Hz.



The ECR1 is the best motor for the job is the user needs maximum speed or power (2300 RPM and up to 25W) with a high level of flexibility and performance. This model is also available in an ATEX version. The ECR1 motors are suitable for use with most axial fans from 172-254mm. The ECR1 is a great solution for remote and plug-in applications.

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Motor Voltage V/HzCurrent ASpeed RPMOutput Power WProtection IPApprovalRequest a Quote
ECR01BX**6230 / 50-600.121300-11004-755CE, VDE, ATEX
ECR01BX**4230 / 50-600.141250955CE, VDE, ATEX
ECR01BX**1230 / 50-600.2113001255CE, VDE, ATEX
ECR01BX**2230 / 50-600.2513001655CE, VDE, ATEX
ECR01BX**3230 / 50-600.2815002055CE, VDE, ATEX
ECR01BX**5230 / 50-600.3023002555CE, VDE, ATEX
ECR01AX**4115 / 600.201250755CE, ATEX
ECR01AX**1115 / 600.231500955CE, ATEX
ECR01AX**2115 / 600.3115501255CE, ATEX
ECR01AX**3115 / 600.4115501655CE, ATEX
ECR01AX**5115 / 600.5322002355CE, ATEX
ECR82PX**1230/500.1615001255CE, VDE, ATEX, CCC
ECR82P***1230/500/1615001255CE, VDE, CCC
ECR82P***2230/600.1918001655CE, VDE, UL, CUL
ECR92***2230/600.3418001655UL, CUL
ECR2-010170-264V, 50/60HZ0.10A (@230V). 0.20A (@115V)300-18000-1367CE, VDE, ATEX, CCC, UL, ROHS
ECR2-011170-264V, 50/60HZ0.10A (@230V). 0.20A (@115V)300-18000-1367CE, VDE, ATEX, CCC, UL, ROHS
ECR2-012170-264V, 50/60HZ0.10A (@230V). 0.20A (@115V)300-18000-1367CE, VDE, ATEX, CCC, UL, ROHS
ECR2-013170-264V, 50/60HZ0.10A (@230V). 0.20A (@115V)300-18000-1367CE, VDE, ATEX, CCC, UL, ROHS
ECR2-014170-264V, 50/60HZ0.10A (@230V). 0.20A (@115V)300-18000-1367CE, VDE, ATEX, CCC, UL, ROHS
ECR2-015170-264V, 50/60HZ0.10A (@230V). 0.20A (@115V)300-18000-1367CE, VDE, ATEX, CCC, UL, ROHS